Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MLB Prospect Updates - 3/26/2014

Noteworthy Prospect Updates

Brad Miller (SEA, SS) - my former man crush (click here) and STRONG BUY player all of last year - hitting .412, 4 2B, 4 3B, 4 HR, 10 RBI this Spring.  Still rates a STRONG BUY - cards are here -  Brad Miller Ebay Listings

Carlos Martinez (STL, P) 1-0, 1.76 ERA -  15.1 IP - 9 K - 3 BB this Spring.  BUY rating on his chrome autos found here -  Carlos Martinez Ebay Listings

Javier Baez (CHC, SS/2B/3B) headed to AAA, but will absolutely dominate in that hitter's league.  AAA pitchers beware and these remain a STRONG BUY, as always -- Javier Baez Ebay Listings 

Kolten Wong (STL, 2B) - hitting .391, 5 2B, 3B, 2 HR, 9 RBI this Spring. BUY his chrome autos here - Kolten Wong Ebay Listings

Michael Choice (TEX, OF) hitting .367 - 5 2B - 3B - 4 HR - 15 RBI this Spring. I mentioned him as my breakout candidate this year because of his move to Texas (click here).  He's making me look like a genius :)  STRONG BUY on his chrome autos here - Michael Choice Ebay Listings

Michael Wacha (STL, P) is 3-0, 1.76 ERA, 15.1 IP - 17 K / 3 BB this Spring.  BUY on his chrome autos here -- Michael Wacha Ebay Listings

Mike Trout (LAA, OF) - hitting .408 - 2 2B - 2 3B - 5HR - 16 RBI this Spring.  No brainer here.  His base chrome auto was the first base chrome auto to reach $1,000 recently since Pujols.  If you want a piece of history (which Trout already is), BUY his chrome autos here - Mike Trout Ebay Listings

Nick Castellanos (DET, 3B) - hitting .389 - 9 2B - 2 HR - 16 RBI this Spring.  Thought his time to buy has passed (click here), but I have to change that rating.  I always knew he could rake (and I actually won a contest predicting him to be the Futures Game MVP a few years back because of that) but damn, he's incredible.  Those doubles could easily translate to home runs, but it still shows his tremendous gap to gap prowess.  STRONG BUY rating on his chrome autos here - Nick Castellanos Ebay Listings

Nolan Arenado (COL, 3B) - .362 - 4 2B - 3B - 3 HR - 7 RBI this Spring.  BUY rating on his chrome autos found here -  Nolan Arenado Ebay Listings

Starling Marte (PIT, OF) hitting .356 - 2 HR - 7 RBI this Spring. BUY his chrome autos here - Starling Marte Ebay Listings

Stephen Piscotty (STL, OF) - Great fielder, also hitting .324 - HR - 7 RBI this Spring.  STRONG BUY - his cards are here - Stephen Piscotty Ebay Listings

Wilmer Flores (NYM, SS) being groomed in Minors for future SS spot - STRONG BUY Bowman Chrome Autos here

Yordano Ventura (KC, P) won the fifth starter spot and for good reason:  1-1, 1.77 ERA - 20.1 IP - 18 K / 4 BB this Spring -- Thought he may struggle (click here), but it appears I will be wrong. STRONG BUY on his 2013 BC Autos here - Yordano Ventura Ebay Listings


  1. What makes the Rangers and Cardinals farm systems produce so much talent? Is it scouting or coaching? They just seem to always have guys. Thanks

    1. Definitely a mixture of both. When I see depth at the lower levels, I'd say scouting. When you see depth at the higher levels, it's coaching.