Saturday, February 22, 2014

Prospects Who Could Be on an MLB Roster in 2014 (Part 2)

Chris Archer (SP, TB, 2011 BC)

I've been touting Archer for a while and even though his autos aren't $3 any more, I think he has room to grow, once he becomes a household name.  For Archer-lite, see Enny Romero and Alex Colome.
ETA: Early 2014 

Taylor Lindsey (2B, LAA, 2010 BDPP)

Easily the cheapest chrome auto of anyone ranked as their team's #1 prospect (according to Baseball America).  For that alone, I would buy some.  No, seriously... I really do think it's that blatant.
ETA: Mid-2014

Arismendy Alcantara (2B, CHC, 2013 BC)

I predict the Cubbies finally clean house and bring all their stud prospects up to excite the fan base once their club is out of payoff contention.  While people drool over guys like Baez (myself included), pick up Alcantara.  This kid could make a quick splash at the top of the order.
ETA: Late 2014

Zach Lee (SP, LAD, 2010 BDPP)

Hopefully, lots of SP prospects get off to good starts and people forget this 4-year old BDPP auto.  I still think Lee has front of the rotation upside, and I love the Dodgers market/development for SP.  I'd buy some at the right price.
ETA: Late 2014

Enny Romero (SP, TB, 2011 BC)

I've always liked this guy, who was always in the shadows of Archer.  He's always been cheap and I would say he's a BUY.  When he puts together a few good starts or gets the call, sell.
ETA: Early-Mid 2014

Matt Davidson (3B, CHW, 2010 BC)

Eh, not too excited about a guy who hits only .280 with 20 HR in the PCL and CAL, but he could spike a bit if he has a nice spring.
ETA: Early 2014

Jesse Biddle (SP, PHI, 2013 BC)

Biddle is kind of the only Phillies pitching prospect, which makes sense for a franchise who buys guys like Cliff Lee and AJ Burnett.  But who knows... maybe their aging staff breaks down late and they decide to give Biddle a shot.  Either way, hashtag overrated... I mean #overrated
ETA: Late 2014

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