Saturday, February 22, 2014

Prospects Who Could Be on an MLB Roster in 2014 (Part 3)

Travis D'Arnaud (C, NYM, 2007 BDPP)
I like D'Arnaud, and as a Met fan, I'm not at all worried about his lack of offense last year.  The dude hadn't played in a while and was just getting his legs under him.  However, his autos are pretty pricey as it is, and I just don't see how any catcher not named Posey can go higher than D'Arnaud's current price.  Pass on chrome autos.  Draft him as a sleeper in fantasy.
ETA: Starting Catcher for the Mets

Billy Hamilton (OF, CIN, 2012 BC)
He'll be relevant for many fantasy teams, and he'll get plenty of air time on Baseball Tonight, but I just don't buy one trick ponies.  I'm sorry, but he's not breaking Rickey's single season or career SB record.  And even if he did, people will flood the market with their Hamiltons once he gets close, and it limits the upside any way.
ETA: Starting CF for the Reds

Nick Castellanos (OF, DET, 2012 BC)
He's a nice little player with a good hit tool, but I'm not so sure about the power.  And it's hard to make money off anyone who struggles to hit 20 bombs.  I think the time to buy has long passed.
ETA: Early 2014 

Archie Bradley (SP, ARI, 2011 BDPP)
You probably missed the boat on Archie back when he was half the price he is now.  He's already in many top 10 lists, and will have a tough time making an early debut now that Arizona signed Bronson Arroyo, even though management claims he can make the big league squad out of camp.  If I owned Archie stuff, I'd use them as trade bait since demand is so high.
ETA: Mid 2014

Kolten Wong (2B, STL, 2011 BDPP)
Wong's a decent buy for under $10, but I've been seeing him spike lately to as high as a $25 Buy It Now.  He's not worth $25.  He's small and any scouting report you read will most likely have the phrase "compact swing".  Nice little prospect, but a .280 - 8 HR type of MLBer just won't make you any money if you cough up $25 for that player's chrome autos.
ETA: Early 2014

Eddie Butler (SP, COL, 2013 BC)
I hate Colorado pitchers, but I love this guy.  He is probably the cheapest of the top 20 prospects, and some rankings scatter studs of the $50 caliber around Butler.  Butler's high K rate and groundball rate bode well for Coors Field and if you're serious about sabermetrics and Butler, these are must read pieces:
ETA:  Mid 2014

Aaron Sanchez (SP, TOR, 2010 BDPP)
Will start at AA, but may move quickly.  He's a prototypical flamethrower.  6'5'' mid-90s, and a hammer.  He had control issues last year and Keith Law discussed a mechanical issue: "His fastball rides up, his head jerks at release, and he doesn’t get the same finish to his breaking stuff.  Upright finishes are also associated with higher risk of arm injuries, so there’s every reason to try to get him striding longer and finishing out front — it’ll keep him healthy and make him a better pitcher.”   However, he ranks well in many Top Prospect lists and his "old" 2010 BDPP auto only sits at $10-15.  He's definitely on my watch list.
ETA: Late 2014?


  1. Love the insight and opinions. Keep it coming.

  2. From what I read and heard. Eddie Butler has some electric stuff. I look forward to seeing his progress