Friday, February 21, 2014

Prospects Who Could be on an MLB Roster in 2014 (Part 1)

Joc Pederson (OF, LAD, 2012 BC)

Pederson should be heading to AAA, and in any other organization, would be a starting OF in no time at the big league level.  But Joc has Puig, Crawford, Kemp, Ethier in front of him.  Ouch.  Still, this kid has a ton of talent.
ETA: Mid-2014?

Jonathan Singleton (1B, HOU, 2012 BC)

Headed to AAA after a shortened season, due to a suspension for using the ganja pipe.  I love Singleton's high floor and the fact that Houston sucks.  I hate that his chrome autos are disgusting.
ETA: Mid 2014

James Paxton (SP, SEA, No BC Auto)

I think Paxton makes the rotation this Spring.  Cha ching.  Buy now.  Sell on the confirmed announcement or rumors.  He has no chrome auto but money can be made on bulk non chrome autos if you're smart.
ETA: Early 2014

Matt Barnes (SP, BOS, 2011 BDPP)
AAA bound, but has shown glimpses of flat out dominance.  I think people have forgotten the stretches of lights-outedness (made up term by yours truly) this guy has put up in a crazy Boston market.  Buy.
ETA: Late 2014

Wilmer Flores (2B, NYM, 2008 BDPP)

AAA bound.  Mets are solid at 3B and 2B.  Very weak at SS.  Not sure if Flores can handle SS.  If Murphy somehow gets traded (doubtful), he skyrockets.  If not, I'm not sure where the Mets can play him.  Best case scenario is the Mets trade Flores, but as a Mets fan, I pray that doesn't happen... because Flores is awesome.
ETA: mid 2014

Michael Choice (OF, TEX, 2010 BDPP)

Now that he's a Ranger, he will be in an MLB uniform soon.  Under the tutelage of the best hitting coaches in baseball, Choice is primed for a big year. They'll be able to tap into his plus power potential that has recently eluded him.  MY BREAKOUT PLAYER OF THE YEAR PREDICTION.
ETA: Early - Mid 2014


  1. I really think that Joc is the best of this group.He plays really hard.

  2. Paxton doesn't have a Bowman Chrome auto.

    1. Thanks for pointing it out... revised post. The ebay search searches for his non auto Bowman Chromes.