Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto Analysis - Part 1

The first thing I do when a new set arrives is my own sabermetric research, before reading any scouting reports, watching videos, etc.  This is usually the step where I come across bargains and sleepers, but also has its drawbacks as some players I am analyzing "blindly", since I am only looking at numbers.

As the Bowman Chrome Draft autographs sets have recently been on fire, I'll be analyzing these guys in steps (the first being the manner in which I just described), and thoroughly, so we can have another good year of prospecting.

1. Aaron Blair
Built like a linebacker -- held his own - keep an eye on him

2. Aaron Judge
Another monster of a man -- if he can translate his 6'7" frame to bombs in the Bronx, look out

3. Andrew Church
Not a fan -- hit hard

4. Andrew Knapp
An old catcher... nuff said

5. Austin Meadows
6. Austin Meadows - Under Armour
Legit stud -- I worried a bit about his last year of stats in high school, but he proved me wrong in his first pro year.  I just wish he fell to the Mets in the draft

7. Billy McKinney - Under Armour
Seems like a very professional hitter -- Got my eye on him

8. Blake Taylor
Only 8 outings, but seems to implode when he gets into trouble -- either way, too soon to tell

9. Braden Shipley
I love that this kid played SS and P in college - he could be a good one -- love the K rate and ability to induce grounders

10. Chance Sisco
Don't get excited about an orioles catching prospect

11. Chris Anderson
Yes yes yes --- Very hard to hit, great K rate, the Dodgers coaching staff can iron out those control issues -- Keep an eye on him

12. Clint Frazier
13. Clint Frazier - Under Armour
Flat out stud -- Anyone who worries about his K's just doesn't know this kid

14. Colin Moran
Not a fan of this 6th overall pick

15. Cord Sandberg
Bleh so far

16. D.J. Peterson
Love, love, love this 3B... elite run producer in the middle of the order

17. Dominic Smith
18. Dominic Smith - Under Armour
"Sweet LH stroke" led to nice numbers -- As a Mets fan, I see so many similarities with Ike Davis... hopefully Smith pans out.  I love his potential

19. Dustin Peterson
No pop yet... Always a huge red flag for prospecting

20. Eric Jagielo
Stats are irrelevant as he is being groomed to be ARod's successor -- Huge prospecting potential

21. Gosuke Katoh - Perfect Game
Cano's future replacement???  Hmmmm....

22. Hunter Dozier
Great debut -- 273 AB - 7 HR - 38 BB - 37 K

23. Hunter Green
24. Hunter Green - Under Armour

25. Hunter Harvey
Extremely impressive thus far all around -- beware the move to the bullpen like his father

26. Hunter Renfroe
Mashed in college -- probably overly aggressive in debut year (BB:K) -- i believe that ratio will determine Renfroe's fate, so it's what I'll be watching

27. Ian Clarkin
28. Ian Clarkin - Perfect Game

29. Jon Denney
Bleh so far

30. Jonathan Gray
The hype was right -- STUD

31. Jonathon Crawford
Impressive -- K's and lotsa groundout/flyouts -- thats all it takes for success

32. Josh Hart
Seems like a speedster -- always pass on speedsters

33. J.P. Crawford
34. J.P. Crawford - Under Armour
no pop SS... pass

35. Justin Williams
36. Justin Williams - Under Armour
So far so good -- with pop, could be a good one -- keep an eye on him

37. Kevin Franklin

38. Kevin Ziomek

39. Kohl Stewart
(Read above at Jonathan Gray)

40. Kris Bryant - AFLAC
****STUD ****

41. Marco Gonzales
Extremely impressive -- you'll see a lot of people jumping on him -- I'll pass because of his small stature, but he does have a chance to be a good one

42. Michael Lorenzen
Too early to tell -- seemed to have control issues, which is what I'll be keeping an eye on

43. Nick Ciuffo
44. Nick Ciuffo - Under Armour
Rough debut year

45. Oscar Mercado
46. Oscar Mercado - Under Armour
speedy SS -- pass

47. Phil Ervin
Incredible first year -- 170+ AB - 7 HR - 11 SB -.989 OPS

48. Reese McGuire
49. Reese McGuire - Perfect Game
Small Catcher -- pass

50. Riley Unroe
no pop SS -- pass

51. Rob Kaminsky - Perfect Game
52. Robert Kaminsky
A hometown hero, so I'm biased -- love his high floor -- dont listen to those scouts who limit his ceiling

53. Ryan Eades

54. Ryan McMahon
Wow, where did this dude come from -- mashed it last year -- definitely keeping an eye on him

55. Ryder Jones
High OBP and nice splits vs both LHP/RHP make him intriguing for me

56. Tim Anderson
Speedster --- no thanks

57. Tom Windle
Very impressive and mature first year -- equally effective vs. righties and lefties -- LAD will know what to do with him

58. Travis Demeritte
59. Travis Demeritte - Perfect Game
Noverall line, but K'd 17 times out of 38 AB against LHP -- that won't fly in the pros

60. Trevor Williams
If I had to guess, this dude is a sinker baller because of an amazing GO/FO rate... looks good but probably a limited ceiling unless he can lift that K rate.

61. Trey Ball
62. Trey Ball III - Under Armour
Highly touted, not enough sample size -- pass

63. Tyler Danish
Relief pitcher... p-p-p-p-passsssss


  1. I really appreciate the analysis.I really have my eye on DJ Peterson he caught my attention watching tape.

    1. Glad you dig it. Thanks for the comment. Peterson's definitely one of my favorites of this set.

  2. Love the analysis. Please keep it up. You do a great job.