Sunday, August 11, 2013

San Francisco Giants - Prospect Autograph Analysis From Every MLB Team

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS - Prospect Autographs


For starters (no pun intended), I'll briefly touch on the other Giants BC Autos.  I gave up on Gary Brown (2010 BDPP).  Brandon Belt is no longer a prospect (2011 BC).  Andrew Susac (2012 BC) is a catcher - don't invest in catchers.  So is Tommy Joseph (2012 BC), but he now plays for the Phillies.  And Joe Panik (2011 BDPP) is a second baseman with no pop who is 23 yrs old and is hitting .260.  OK, so now to the good stuff.

I may get a ton of criticism for this, but the following 3 guys can stack up with any other team's top 3 pitching prospects, as long as that team isn't my New York Mets.  I've mentioned 3 checkpoints when I evaluate pitchers (FIP, groundball rates, and K rates), so we can start there, but there is a whole lot more to talk about with these guys.

Kyle Crick (2011 BDPP - Stats)

  • Analysis coming shortly...

Chris Stratton (2012 BDPP - Stats)

  • Analysis coming shortly...

Clayton Blackburn (2013 BC - Stats)


  1. Hey Adam who do you think the five best investments are at this time? thanks for your insight

    1. Too hard to answer. Depends on when you ask me, whether it's Return % or $ on investment, length of investment horizon, etc.