Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My 2013 Prospect Awards: Part 2 - By Set 2002 - 2009

My 2013 Prospect Awards: Part 2 - By Set 2002 - 2009

My favorite prospect autos from 2002-2009.  Bowman Chrome Draft will be Bowman Chrome Draft Autographs and Bowman Chrome will be chrome autographs found in Bowman and Bowman Chrome sets. 

2002 Bowman Chrome

David Wright - one of the good guys of the game - the best part of his autos is they will probably never lose their value so worse case scenario, you break even - they might be dipping with his injury making them a VERY STRONG BUY for high end collectors

2003 Bowman Chrome

His monster numbers this year will continue - STRONG BUY/ACCUMULATE for as long as they're under $100 -- he can hit Kemp's peak pricing one day which was probably 3-5x what Hanley's autos are selling for.  Seriously, if you're a baller, I'd recommend these and you might be sending me roses one day

2004 Bowman Chrome

Felix Hernandez - Can you imagine what he'd sell for if he was ever traded to a worthy franchise
- BUY them here

2006 Bowman Chrome Draft

Clayton Kershaw - clearcut 2013 Cy Young winner

2006 Bowman Chrome

Justin Upton - still waiting for AND expecting a monster MVP year in his future
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2007 Bowman Chrome Draft

Travis D'Arnaud - great market, could be a perennial all-star

2008 Bowman Chrome Draft

Wilmer Flores - take it from me, a die hard Met fan, Flores looks VERY good... like special talent-type of very good.  Yeah, I'm serious.

2008 Bowman Chrome

Jordan Zimmermann - this guy has a Cy Young year in his near future.  You heard it here first.

2009 Bowman Chrome Draft

Zach Wheeler - With Harvey's injury, I think ZWheel's autos are in a sick position for growth as he is now in the New York spotlight
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2009 Bowman Chrome

Allen Craig - this dude is gonna contend for RBI crowns and batting titles for the next decade
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  1. No 2005 cards at all? I still like Braun to come back from his suspension big. But what about Justin Verlander, Matt Kemp, Ryan Zimmerman or Jered Weaver? So many good choices, and 2005 BC is one of my favorite cards from a style perspective.

    Also, I've got to put Mike Trout in for 2009 ahead of any others. Outside of Albert Pujols, that will continue to be the most in-demand auto prospect BC has ever had.

    1. Nice cards, but I have to stick with the autos I think can return a profit. Zimmermann's auto has steadily gone down every year since 2005, Kemp peaked already and I'd much rather invest HanRam, and Verlander has nothing left he can do to garner more demand. Same with Trout. Sure, maybe he's the most in demand auto, but would you really feel confident shelling out that kind of cash? I do think Braun could be an interesting play, and I tweeted some of his autos, but I'd rather not put him on any "Award Lists", if you catch my drift.

  2. You're right, I have to think of your blog in the context of return on investment. I immediately saw "favorite autos", and zoned out.