Saturday, August 10, 2013

Colorado Rockies - Prospect Autograph Analysis From Every MLB Team

COLORADO ROCKIES - Prospect Autograph Analysis From Every MLB Team


The Rockies have only 5 chrome autos from 2011 through 2013, as of today, but 3 of them are very intriguing:

  1. Trevor Story 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft

  2. David Dahl 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft

  3. Eddie Butler 2013 Bowman Chrome


Trevor Story (2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospect Autograph) - Stats

I just wrote a piece on Trevor Story as a Bargain Bin chrome auto (link here).  Rather than repeat my analysis (also talked about him in March here), I'll clue you in on what to keep tabs on.
  • Regardless of his performance, BUY as long as his base autos are < $8
  • If he gets a price bump, make sure you can't double your investment already.  If you can, just sell.
  • Keep tabs on his K rate.  Use 1 K per 3 ABs as your guideline.  We want to see him improve.
  • Keep tabs on his perfect SB rate (currently 18 sb, 0 cs)
  • See if his power increases as the weather heats up in the PCL

Eddie Butler (2013 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autograph) - Stats here

Similar to Story, Butler has a Bargain Bin article (Link)

Keep an eye on his performance, now that he has been promoted to AA.  He might start to get lit up (but I doubt it).  If so, only focus on the K rate, FIP, and groundball rate.  If they remain impressive, don't sweat any adjustments to these better hitters.

David Dahl (2012 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospect Auto) - Stats

Dahl is also a BUY right now.  If you can keep snagging his base autos below $15, just keep buying.  He is an elite bat. Luckily for us, the market is impatient.  Dahl is on the DL and people are "dumping" him to follow the herd and buy whatever is hot right now.  Don't be a sheep, because sheep get led to slaughter.  Dahl's auto was as high as $45.  Simply put, one little DL stint does not mean he is 1/3 of the prospect we thought he was.  He's still a kid, with a tremendous bat, who will head to the best hitter's leagues in America (CAL, PCL, and Coors Field).


  1. Tyler Anderson had a 2011 BDPP Auto

  2. Hey, are you still buying Dahl even if his autos are like $20 a pop or are you only putting him as a buy for under $15?

    1. I'd probably stick to my $15 price point since most of the demand will be for 2013 BDPP and Dahl could decrease in price as everyone buys the new stuff.