Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bargain Bin - Patrick Kivlehan (Seattle Mariners, 3B)

Bargain Bin - Patrick Kivlehan (Seattle Mariners, 3B)

In May, I posted an article where I said that Kivlehan was a STRONG BUY because, "Soon, he will be promoted to the CAL league where his power can absolutely explode."

Well, Kivlehan got promoted to CAL (A Advanced), and has done exactly what I predicted.  He exploded.  No, not literally.  His bat may have a few times because he's a beast, but he... sorry...  I get flustered when discussing my fellow Rutgers graduate.


Kivlehan has 2013 Bowman Chrome Autographs that literally sell for a dollar or two.  Well, the only thing is Kivlehan won the Big East Triple Crown at Rutgers in the first year he played college ball (and he is the only player to EVER win the Big East Triple Crown).  He won the Northwest League MVP last year in his first year of pro ball.  And since his A Adv. promotion to the CAL, the dude is batting: .324 with 10 HR, 36 RBI, and 10 SB in 185 ABs.  What is wrong with this market?!  The beast is literally a natural who does not know the meaning of fail.

Seriously, other than being a little old for A ball (he turns 24 in December), give me one good reason why buying a $2 Kivlehan BC Auto is a risky venture.  I know, you can't.  Don't worry.  I can't either.


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