Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bargain Bin - Eddie Butler (SP, Col)


This recommendation breaks a couple of the rules I try to follow when prospecting with Bowman Chrome Autos, but rightfully so.  Here are a few rules I try to stick to...

  1. Do not invest in Colorado Rockies pitchers - There were ZERO (count them, zero) Rockies pitching prospects who would have been a good investment.
  2. Try not to invest in catchers, middle infielders, below-average hitters, speedsters, and low end pitchers - they just simply do not get demand in the market.
  3. If you can profit, sell.
  4. Never regret an investment where you made a profit.
  5. Never invest in a pitcher who will be pitching in the CAL or PCL.
  6. Never invest in a hitter who just moved out of the CAL or PCL.
And you get the point.  The goal is to maximize short to medium term profits as the longer you invest, the more risk you take on.

Today's Bargain Bin prospect breaks a few rules.  He is a low end Rockies pitcher whose next stop may be the PCL.  Ouch.  But I must give credit to Eddie Butler, since seeing his dominant appearance in the Future's Game.

Eddie Butler (Stats) just made his AA debut after posting incredible numbers in the CAL.  Yes, that's very impressive (2.39 ERA, K/IP).  The result was a 2 hit shutout through 6 IP with 6 K and no BB.  That's unbelievable stuff for your AA debut, arguably the hardest jump in baseball.

Butler's 2013 BC auto can be had for only a couple bucks and it seems like most people agree that Rockies low end pitchers are worthless.  What I argue is that Butler is not low end.  He may in fact be a special, high floor pitcher.  He meets my three checklist points: a strikeout per inning, a very high groundball ratio (much needed when you may eventually pitch in the PCL/Coors Field), and a great FIP.  It should come as no surprise then why he has succeeded as he has.  I see NO red flags and make this bargain a BUY.

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