Monday, August 26, 2013

AL East - Blue Jays, Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, Orioles - Prospect BC Auto Analysis - Buy Hold Sell

AL East - Blue Jays, Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, Orioles - Prospect BC Auto Analysis - BUY HOLD SELL

PRISTINE Mitch Nay Bowman Chrome Blue Ref Auto BGS 10 Blue Jays

The AL East is a weird one.  I love a lot of the prospects with Bowman Chrome autos but aside from the Blue Jays, I don't believe you'll find many BUYs.  I attribute this to the popularity of the teams and the result that these prospects are hyped and overvalued.  I see one name that really stands out though.  I should do a write up on him.  It's a little known stud named MITCH NAY...

Toronto Blue Jays



Mitch Nay Blue Jays 2012 BDPP - Click here to BUY his BC Autos
Matthew Smoral Blue Jays 2012 BDPP - Click here to BUY his BC Autos
Marcus Stroman Blue Jays 2012 BDPP - Click here to BUY his BC Autos
D.J. Davis Blue Jays 2012 BDPP - Click here to BUY his BC Autos






Dickie Joe Thon Blue Jays 2011 BC
Adonis Cardona Blue Jays 2011 BC
Brett Lawrie Blue Jays 2011 BC
Daniel Norris Blue Jays 2012 BC
Kevin Pillar Blue Jays 2013 BC
Sean Nolin Blue Jays 2012 BC
Jake Marisnick Blue Jays 2012 BC
Jacob Anderson Blue Jays 2012 BC
Eric Arce Blue Jays 2012 BC
Drew Hutchison Blue Jays 2012 BC

Baltimore Orioles



Kevin Gausman Orioles 2012 BDPP - Click here to BUY his BC Autos
Nick Delmonico Orioles 2012 BC - Click here to BUY his BC Autos



Manny Machado 2010 BDPP

Raw Base Autos
Dylan Bundy Orioles 2011 BDPP



Eric Thames Orioles 2011 BC

Tampa Bay Rays



Chris Archer Rays 2011 BC


Jake Hager Rays 2011 BDPP
Enny Romero Rays 2011 BC
Alex Colome Rays 2011 BC
Taylor Guerrieri Rays 2011 BDPP


Wil Myers 2010 BC Auto
Felipe Rivero Rays 2012 BC
Tyler Goeddel Rays 2011 BDPP
Kes Carter Rays 2012 BC
Richie Shaffer Rays 2012 BDPP
James Harris Rays 2011 BDPP
Matt Moore Rays 2011 BC
Brandon Martin Rays 2011 BDPP
Brandon Guyer Rays 2011 BC

Boston Red Sox



Garin Cecchini Red Sox 2011 BC
Allen Webster Red Sox 2011 BC
Jackie Bradley Red Sox 2012 BC



Xander Bogaerts Red Sox 2012 BC
Brian Johnson Red Sox 2012 BDPP
Sean Coyle Red Sox 2011 BC
Drake Britton Red Sox 2011 BC
Matt Barnes Red Sox 2011 BDPP



Blake Swihart Red Sox 2011 BDPP
Deven Marrero Red Sox 2012 BDPP
Boss Moanaroa Red Sox 2012 BC
Kendrick Perkins Red Sox 2011 BC
Pat Light Red Sox 2012 BDPP
Brock Holt Red Sox 2011 BC
Brandon Jacobs Red Sox 2012 BC
Williams Jerez Red Sox 2012 BC

New York Yankees



Greg Bird Yankees 2012 BC
Ty Hensley Yankees 2012 BDPP



Mason Williams Yankees 2011 BC
Tyler Austin Yankees 2012 BC



Manny Banuelos Yankees 2011 BC
Ben Gamel Yankees 2011 BC
Melky Mesa Yankees 2011 BC
Adam Warren Yankees 2011 BC
Austin Aune Yankees 2012 BDPP
Rookie Davis Yankees 2012 BC
Mark Montgomery Yankees 2013 BC
Ravel Santana Yankees 2012 BC
Jose Campos Yankees 2012 BC
Dante Bichette Yankees 2012 BC


  1. Replies
    1. Odorizzi's 2013 BC Auto is a RC auto. Never buy RC autos. That's why they're so cheap. No one wants them.

  2. Ok, one more thing to keep in mind. No Major Leaguers (rarely), no auto rookie cards, no catchers, no pure speed guys.

    I am learning. You are Obi Wan, I am Luke crying about going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters. :)

  3. Just curious, why are you buying Allen Webster? His ERA is above 3.50 on the season between MLB and AAA AND he already made his debut...I'm a huge fan just wondering what your reasoning behind it is.

    1. Still believe in his upside and maturity. Playing for Boston enhances his potential chrome auto's value three times as much as other teams. Has shown flashes of pure brilliance (e.g. July 31 - 6 IP 3 H 12 K 1 BB). His struggles in MLB stem from falling behind in counts and hitters taking advantage of get-me-over fastballs (7 HR in only 26 IP). I expect this to improve.

  4. What stops you from buying in on Barnes? Also, what makes Bradley a buy for you?

    1. Barnes was very unimpressive this year and when I invest in pitchers, they have to be heavily undervalued since demand for pitchers lags hitters by a lot. A 1.40 WHIP in the Eastern League at age 23 just doesn't cut it. There are way too many other pitchers I like more. And I like Bradley because of how highly touted he is by the Red Sox front office. They insist Bradley is still an elite prospect despite his struggles. I'm not sure they're gonna sign Ellsbury, which makes Bradley a frontrunner to be the starting CF for a team that always has huge demand for their prospects. And even if they sign Ellsbury, they say Bradley would be slotted in LF. The play for me would be to hope for a spike when people start believing Bradley is the BoSox CF/LF of 2014, which should happen prior to Spring Training, esp. if Ellsbury signs elsewhere (the Mets, Mariners, and Rangers want him).