Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cincinatti Reds - Prospect Autograph Analysis From Every MLB Team

The Reds farm system has 3 worthy BC Autos: The fastest prospect in baseball, a pitcher with a sub-2.00 career MiLB ERA who ping pongs between the minors/majors/rotation/bullpen, and my favorite pitching prospect in baseball... 

I said it before and I'll say it again. Prospects who only have speed are not good investments. Don't fall for the hype surrounding Billy Hamilton's speed. Pass on his overvalued chrome autos. 

Tony Cingrani (2012 BC Auto) is an enigma. The lefty pitching prospect boasts a sub-2.00 ERA but can't seem to find a home. The endless switching between promotions, demotions, starting roles, and relieving roles are too frustrating to invest in.  To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what their plans are for his future.  If they trade Chapman and Cingrani becomes a closer, I wouldn't be surprised.  If Cingrani becomes a front of the rotation starter, I wouldn't be surprised.  When I speculate on prospects, I avoid anyone with uncertainty about their role.  It's easier just to focus on a clearly defined path for a prospect and measure value based on their journey down that path.  So I have no interest in his chrome autos.

But, then we have Robert Stephenson (2011 BDPP Auto), who is one of my favorite pitching prospects right now.  I nailed it when I posted about him in February of 2012, and if I can be right again, then Stephenson will be a Top 5 SP prospect by next year.  Stephenson's autos are climbing fast ($20 range), so don't miss out.  I can bore you with generic scouting reports on him or simply do this:

Stephenson throws 100 mph AND he can also throw this...

Robert Stephenson's strikeout with his curveball

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