Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Prospect Autograph Analysis From Each MLB Team - NL East

In my first "Prospects By Team" post, I'm choosing the entire NL East division (despite my intention to devote a thread to every other team).  As you'll see, I can do this for the NL East because the number of chrome autos I'd BUY from this division is pretty minimal...


Well, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it... I'm not a fan of Atlanta's farm.  During the preseason, I liked J.R. Graham (2012 BC Auto).  But he hasn't pitched since May because of a dead arm and it's hard to get excited over pitchers who stand at only 5'10".  Word has it he's bound for a future role as a reliever.  Yuck.

Lucas Sims (2012 BDPP Auto) is the only worthy prospect in this farm system.  Still only 19, Sims is proving why the Braves took a chance on a high school pitcher with a first round pick.  I like this kid a lot, especially under the tutelage of Atlanta's coaching.  I'd say his chrome autos are worth a shot.


Ah, the clueless Marlins.  Thank you for supplanting my Mets as the most pathetic team in this division.  With nothing to play for, we're seeing all of their prospects get a taste of the big leagues.  Add that to an unenthusiastic fan base and, in terms of prospecting, that means there's nothing here for us.

You should almost always sell before a prospect makes it to the bigs.  Now that Marisnick and Yelich are up, I'd sell as soon as possible.  Jose Fernandez is a legit front of the rotation force, but I wouldn't buy him, unless I needed trade bait I guess.  Marcell Ozuna showed some potential, but was sent back down to make room for Marisnick and Yelich.

That leaves Andrew Heaney and Justin Nicolino.  I've talked ad nauseum about Nicolino and I'm a huge fan, but there's just something about pitchers stuck in Miami that makes me want to look elsewhere for my Bowman Chrome autographs.


My Mets are relevant!!  Matt Harvey is bar none the #1 pitcher in baseball.  His 2010 Bowman Chrome Draft autos will set you back a car payment, so it's hard to recommend them.  I'd sooner browse around for any steals on bulk lots of his non auto 2010 Bowman (Chrome) Draft rookies.  There's some money to be made if you find the right deals and package them right when you sell them.

Zack Wheeler is another high end auto from 2009, and rightfully so.  As much as I'd like to, I couldn't recommend buying any.  He just won't ever live up to Matt Harvey's status, and I think that holds Wheeler's prices steady.

Cesar Puello does not have a chrome auto yet, and I'd steer clear of his Sterling autos, despite his monster season thus far.  His name has also been floating around all these steroid reports as well.

But have no fear... Travis D'Arnaud is almost here and I'd certainly pick up some of his 2007 Bowman Chrome Draft autos.  We're talking about a guy who could one day be a serious threat behind the plate in the middle of the Mets order.  I suspect he gets a nice bump once they announce D'Arnaud's imminent call-up.  And I think that's a perfectly fine play.  This is rare, but I'd actually let it ride as well.  Potential to be the league's best catcher not named Buster, playing in the New York market, and his high floor make it a nice gamble to hold even after a call up.


Forget Rendon.  He's yesterday's news in terms of making any money from his Bowman Chrome auto.  So that leaves Washington's only other worthy prospect, Lucas Giolito.  But damn, is this guy worthy.

Giolito is a STRONG BUY, despite coming off Tommy John surgery.  He's back and he brings with him an arsenal that makes scouts drool.  Still only 18, Giolito hits triple digits on the gun, has a deadly hammer, and an advanced changeup for a kid his age.  Giolito will be handled with kids' gloves, so you'd have to be patient.  But his $15 autos from 2013 Bowman Chrome sound like an amazing investment to me.


Well, I'm a Met fan... which only means this will be my favorite analysis.  The Phillies farm system is pathetic and depleted.  If you have your eye on Jesse Biddle and his 2013 Bowman Chrome auto, just remember walking 4.6 batters per 9 IP doesn't exactly get it done.  I want no part of Biddle nor any other Phillie.  Also, Roman Quinn (2013 BC Auto) may be fast, but leadoff hitters make for poor investments, especially when they hit .230.


  1. Love the analysis. Keep the articles coming. I love reading them.

  2. Great Job as Always! Look Forward to Many More

    1. Thanks! Stay tuned for my analysis of the NL Central prospects.

  3. Just found your blog and love it. Only problem I see here is that you say Harvey is the best pitcher in baseball. I assume you meant to say "best pitcher in baseball not named Clayton Kershaw."

    1. Ha, thanks. Gotta disagree. Harvey tops him in every measurable aspect of pitching.

  4. What are your thoughts on Kevin Plawecki ?

    1. I think he's solid. Great BB:K rate, potential for his 38 doubles to translate to more HRs, and he hits RHP and LHP equally well. D'Arnaud is an obstacle he won't be able to overcome though. Not sure if they plan to trade him or move him from behind the plate, but he could be a nice play for when he hits in the PCL eventually. His power will be exaggerated and he can go on a tear like he did at the beginning of the year.

  5. What are your thoughts on A.J. Cole?