Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Milwaukee Brewers - Prospect Autograph Analysis From Every MLB Team

MILWAUKEE BREWERS - Prospect Autograph Analysis From Every MLB Team

This should be a relatively quick post, as the Brew Crew has only one prospect I like.  I'd rather talk about that Brewers logo above.  I just found out it was designed to be shaped like an "M" (the glove fingers) and a "B" (the thumb and ball).  I thought that was pretty cool.

Any way, here are your Brewers prospects:

From 2011 BC, the Brewers boast the breakout prospect of the year as far as I'm concerned, Jean Segura, but I won't talk about him as I like to focus more on prospects, than bona fide All Star Major Leaguers.

Hunter Morris and Khris Davis also have 2011 BC Autos.  I wrote a post in Feb. 2012 recommending Hunter Morris as the heir apparent to Prince Fielder at first for the Brewers.  He was the Southern League (AA) MVP last year and I thought he'd have a monster year in 2013 playing in the hitter's haven PCL.  But, already 25 years old, Morris has only eked out a .236 avg. this year.  He may get a cup of coffee as a power bat off the bench or something, but he's no longer relevant in prospecting as far as I'm concerned.  Case in point, Khris Davis is a carbon copy of Morris and already in the big leagues as just that, a reserve (21 AB in 20 G).  Neither is a worthy investment any more.

From 2011 BDPP, we have two similar pitchers you can safely just lump together, Jed Bradley and Taylor Jungmann.  They both suffer from terrible K:BB ratios (almost a 1:1 for each of them), which is the biggest red flag there is.  Avoid both.

From 2012 BDPP, the Brewers have a nice little player, Mitch Haniger, who has "utility man" written all over him.  Nothing to see here.

But then, we have Tyrone Taylor (2012 BDPP), a prospect that I recommend as a BUY.  Still very young, Taylor brings a well balanced game to the table, evident in his solid numbers across the boards.  Taylor played high school football which speaks to his athleticism and discipline.  I'd load up on whatever I could get before he is officially Milwaukee's #1 ranked organizational prospect (which I am confident he will be).


  1. You might want to rethink the "Davis is no longer a worthy investment" line.

    In 77 ABs, he's hitting .338 with 20 runs scored, 6 doubles, 8 home runs, 18 RBI. His slash line is .416/.727/1.143.

    The kid has tremendous power. I'm sure the numbers will come down, but there's no denying his investment potential, especially as Brewer fans like myself look for somebody to fill the void left by Braun's suspension.

    Look for Braun to either move to right field or first base next year. Nori Aoki is a free agent, and with little upside, he'll be let go. I think you're looking at Khris Davis getting a serious look as a started in 2014, especially if the Brewers do not bring back Corey Hart for one more year.

    1. It's a valid point and I may have been harsh. I recently spoke with a reader about this exact point. I would still put him in the Jedd Gyorko camp (read my recent article) as someone I'd avoid because he's in the majors. He has been impressive though and one day, I might look back and regret this post.