Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Justin Nicolino Continues to Roll

Will someone in the Miami "Firesale" Marlins organization please promote Justin Nicolino?  I talked about him here already but it's worth mentioning one more time...

Here it is, quick and painless:
Potential for 3 plus pitches
Low 90's fastball
A well-located slurve
A potential plus-plus changeup
3 Minor League Seasons
21-7 Record - 2.12 - 1.03 WHIP - 276 IP - 252 K - 51 BB
In his past 11 starts, he has allowed more than 1 ER only once (gave up 3 ER on 6/21)
A 2013 BC Auto that sells for like $3 on ebay  ** cue the record scratch, music-stopping, sound effect **

Yeah... I know... I don't get it either.

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