Sunday, June 2, 2013

George Springer and MLB DAILY PICKS Note

Just a quick post:

1.  No more "MLB Daily Picks" posts.  I've decided to stick to what we all love, which is prospecting.  I ended the season 10-3 (Up 5.63 Units), meaning if I could've made 5.63x my normal wager if I actually had the guts to place bets.

2.  George Springer deserves a shout out - almost every preseason scouting report pointed at his K rate and advantage of playing in the CAL last year.  Good for Springer to prove the naysayers wrong.  After today's double header, Springer has taken his talents at AA to a stat line that would make anyone drool:  .310- 46 r -17 hr - 47 rbi - 17 sb

Springer has an auto in 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft hovering around $25 right now.  Heck, I'd buy as many as I can get.

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