Friday, May 10, 2013

Patrick Kivlehan (3B, Sea)

Excuse my bias towards a fellow Rutgers grad, but check out this story...

Patrick Kivlehan was a back-up defensive back for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team from 2009 - 2011.  Then, on a whim, he decided to try out for the baseball team his senior year.  Sure, why not?  He used to play in high school so what the hey...

Kivlehan made the RU baseball team in the Spring of 2012 as a walk on and won the starting third base gig.  Pretty impressive for a dude who hadn't played baseball in 4 years...

Well, Mr. Kivlehan started to hit, and hit some more... and ended his first and only NCAA baseball year, leading Rutgers in batting (.392), home runs (14), RBI’s (50), slugging percentage (.693), on-base percentage (.480), and steals (24)...

Wait, not only did he lead his team, he ended up winning the Big East Triple Crown.  And he is the only player in Big East history to ever win it.

So, clearly he's a natural.  Well, not so fast... Kivlehan "fell" to the fourth round with typical scouting cliches surrounding him: "raw", "toolsy", "potential, high risk/reward", "good work ethic", "might be better suited for a corner outfield position", etc.

So, the Mariners drafted him with the expectations of growing pains, but the hopes of a bright future.  Once again, Kivlehan didn't feel like waiting.  He ended up winning the Northwest League's MVP (.301 - 12 HR - 52 RBI - 14 sb - 1 cs).

So now what?  Well, Kivlehan is being doubted once again, ranking low on Mariners prospect lists, mainly due to critiques about his K rate.  So to all the doubters:

Kivlehan's K% has been cut in HALF since last year:
2012: 29.4%  -- 2013: 15.6%
He's quietly doing his thing and hitting over .300 as well.  Soon, he will be promoted to the CAL league where his power can absolutely explode.

Kivlehan is a natural.  His story is incredible.  His 2013 Bowman Chrome autos are only a couple bucks, so I'm proud to issue the STRONG BUY recommendation for my Rutgers brother.

Kivlehan's Minor League Page


  1. Does it matter at all that he's a Mariner? I would feel better if he played for the Dodgers or the Cardinals...Your thoughts??

    1. Yes, it's an issue. But he continues to put up astronomical numbers at a very low cost. It's too hard to ignore at this point.