Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hot Prospects - 2013 Bowman Chrome Autos (Part 2)

Here are some of the prospects who have Bowman Chrome Autographs from the newly released 2013 Bowman who have noteworthy stats

BCP-JB Jorge Bonifacio - Royals 
.325 avg - .404 obp - 16/22 BB/K  

BCP-JBI Jesse Biddle - Phillies
 Had an unbelievable 3-game stretch: 19 IP - 6 H - 1 R - 34 K
 Impressive Ratios so far this year:
K/9     K/BB    HR/9    K%        AVG    WHIP    LOB%
11.05    2.50      0.49     31.0 %    .126       0.93       70.5 %

BCP-JM Julio Morban - Mariners
At first glance, he looks impressive hitting .342, but beneath the surface his .477 BABIP is completely unrealistic.
BCP-JN Justin Nicolino - Marlins
I like him but he's struggling, only 15 k in 34.2 IP and .303 Avg Against

BCP-KP Kevin Pillar - Blue Jays
The 32nd rounder smells like a platoon/utility guy.  Don't overvalue his 51 SB last year.

BCP-MM Mark Montgomery - Yankees 
Looking dominant with some control issues, but who cares about Relief Pitchers?

BCP-MO Matt Olson - Athletics
1.000+ OPS in May so far

BCP-OA Oswaldo Arcia - Twins 
You know him, so what is there to say... other than I ranked him as a top 5 hitting prospect preseason.  Absolute stud.

BCP-PK Patrick Kivlehan - Mariners
Love him. 

BCP-RN Renato Nunez - Athletics 
Impressive and still very young.  Kills lefties (1.297 OPS), numbers against RHP not nearly as impressive.

BCP-RQ Roman Quinn - Phillies
15 SB would mean more if his OBP wasn't .295 - gross

BCP-SP Stephen Piscotty - Cardinals 
Has cooled off since his hot April when he hit .348/.400/.609

BCP-SS Sam Selman - Royals 
Couldn't find the strike zone if it hit him in the face

BCP-TP Tyler Pike - Mariners
Nice start to the year: 
2.81 ERA - 32 K - 32 IP
Bases Empty Stats:   
0.49 ERA - 18.1 IP - 21/5  K/BB
Night Games Stats:  
1-2  4.09  22.0  IP  (doesn't mean anything, but it's kind of interesting)

BCP-TW Taijuan Walker - Mariners
I know this is blasphemy but I say he's overrated.  Call it a hunch, or a dislike for SP with control issues.

BCP-VS Victor Sanchez - Mariners
Born in 1995?!  Numbers look pretty darn good for an 18 yr old.  The weight worries me though (6'0" 255 lbs)

BCP-YV Yordano Ventura - Royals 
Something must have clicked because he's been unhittable lately.  Last 3 starts: 16 IP - 24 K - 5 H - 0 R ... damn

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