Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Post of 2013 - Trevor Story, Eddie Rosario, Cowgill

2013 - POST #1

Freshly cut grass, daylight savings time, World Baseball Classic... yeah Spring is here, baby.

I'm getting amped to make some prospecting money this year.  This year has started off very well for me, making nice gains with guys like Oswaldo Arcia, Julio Teheran, Hunter Morris (one of my oldest recommendations), Chris Archer (another oldie), Trevor Story...

Which leads me to my first bit of prospecting blogginess:


1.  Trevor Story -- Here it is, short and sweet: my favorite current prospect, headed to the hitter's haven CAL league, true 5-tool player, incredible work ethic, future All-Star at SS, 2B, or 3B (so don't worry about Tulowitzki at the MLB level).  Any 2011 BDPP Autos that you can snag for < $12 has a STRONG BUY recommendation from me.

* 4/13 Update - Story is off to a horrific start.  4-for-30 with 15 k's in the hitter haven California League.  I haven't found any firsthand accounts of what's wrong (if anything), but for now I'll downgrade my recommendation to a BUY, especially if prices plummet.  The talent is still there... hopefully.

2.  Eddie Rosario -- Making waves in camp, and at the WBC.  I've read nothing but good things from coaches.  Any 2012 BC Autos that you can snag for < $12 has a STRONG BUY recommendation from me.

 * 4/13 Update - Rosario is just fine and dandy, currently slashing .371/.378/.600

3.  Collin Cowgill -- This is the optimistic Met fan in me (yeah I know, an optimistic Met fan is an oxymoron).  Cowgill is my type of player, and some have already comped him to Lenny Dykstra.  Call me crazy, but I predict good things for Cowgill this year.  Think: the Kirk Nieuwenhuis spike of 2012.  The only downside is he doesn't have chrome ink.  So, you're stuck with Sterling and Topps Chrome autos.  Luckily, they go for only a couple bucks.

* 4/13 Update - Cowgill made a splash opening day with a grand slam.  That was the time to sell.  He's slumped a bit since, but I still love Cowgill's work ethic and all-out hustle.  I hope he gets hot again and solidifies himself as a legit starter... and he needs to start playing well pretty soon as the Mets are currently exploring new outfielders via trade and the OF is also currently very crowded (Valdespin, Nieuwenhuis, Cowgill, Baxter, Duda, Byrd).

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