Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back From Break... New Posts Soon!

Tons to talk about as the season gets underway.  The 2 major headlines as far as I'm concerned are:
1.  Dylan Bundy is a god.
2. Bryce Harper is as exciting as we'd all hoped. 

Any way, I just wanted to show my face, as I'm back from hiatus, and I plan to get back to posting shortly.  Thanks for being patient...


  1. Could you comment on Dylan Bundy Buy/Sell/Hold? I just sold my Blue Refractor Auto BGS 9.5/10 with the thought that he is 2-3 years out plus could buy back during the off seasons. Thoughts?

  2. I'm currently accumulating Bundy, mainly buying raw and having them graded. As for being 2-3 years out, I usually invest in prospects and sell well before they hit the majors. So the fact that Bundy is far off is actually a positive for me. He will continue to dominate the lower levels of the minors, will see a spike in pricing with every promotion, and then once he's in the majors prices peak and hype usually dies down and moves to the next stud prospect.

    I'm not sure you'll be able to buy back in the offseason at cheaper prices. A crucial test for me on Bundy's pricing is the current 2012 Bowman release. Usually all of the money flows to the new product and as a result, older stuff dips in pricing. Bundy has held steady, and even increased a bit. I very rarely invest in hyped prospects but I see no reason for Bundy to slow down.

    So to answer your question, I'd conservatively recommend holding (unless you find a more worthy investment with the money you'd make from selling), but I'd also recommend buying raw Bundy's that you think will grade well.

  3. I agree with him being 2-3 years out as a positive as like you said the bumps come from promotions and when he gets up his prices will stabilize when the hype moves on. I have been on the look out for raws at prices I like to send off to BGS. Waiting on a 60+ order from them which I am excited about. I enjoy the blog can't wait for more posts.


    1. Keep buying Bundy. He is getting expensive already but he is a special pitcher. He might be the one pitcher that can top out as high as some of the top hitter prices.

      Keep buying, if he gets a cup of coffee this year you will see a spike. At that point I might sell a few of the cards that didn't/won't grade to take some profits. The big pop is still next spring.

      Ryan W