Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cory Spangenberg (2B, Padres)

I love gritty players... players like my boys from the 1986 Mets.  That's probably why I'm so high on Cory Spangenberg (2B, Padres).

Spangenberg is regarded by most to be the top Second Base prospect.  I expect low-end double digit HR as he fills into body (he'll be hampered at PETCO though), increased SB (rated a 70 on the speed scouting scale, which is elite), a hard worker, improving fielder, and great hitter.

He's the type of player who can grow a following, and quickly.  He's fun to watch, loves the game of baseball, and works his butt off.

His prices have fallen as money moves elsewhere (the new release of NFL Contenders, the big pitching prospects, power hitting prospects) and his base Bowman Chrome Draft auto can be had for a few bucks.  Simply put, how can you NOT buy the TOP positional prospect's chrome ink if it's only a few bucks?!?!

Useful links:
Debunks the myth that relevant MLB second basemen are shortstops in the minors.  Not true, so no red flags that Spangenberg is at 2B right now.

Nice, positive scouting report from

Spangenberg's minor league stats

Schoop vs. Spangenberg
Great comparison thanks to Craig Goldstein over at

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