Monday, February 20, 2012

Cashing In on Yankees Prospects

With the departure of Jesus Montero and an aging roster, Yankees fans are desperate for something to look forward to.  Despite the "Win Now" attitude that comes with rooting for a New York team, smarter fans are starting to take notice of the Yankees promising farm system: namely the killer B's and the catching prospects.

As teams begin Spring training, it's the perfect time to invest and speculate on players who can make an impact quickly and get that spike you need for a quick profit.  For me, there are no better names than 3 Yankees prospects, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, and Austin Romine.

The market has been buying heavily into another Yankees prospect, Mason Williams.  I predict this money begins to similarly flow away from Williams into the 3 guys I mentioned.  The reason being: Yankees fans have that "NOW" attitude.  Mason Williams is too young to make an impact at the MLB level, whereas Banuelos, Betances, and Romine ALL have a chance at making the roster and turning heads in the Spring.

The keys to a noticeable Spring are simple for these guys.  Both Banuelos and Betances, 2 pitchers with ace potential, have always had control problems.  If they show an improvement early on, the media will be all over them, and collectors will as well.

As for Romine, I love his potential for a pretty unique reason... the Yankees manager is Joe Girardi.  Romine, a terrific fielding catcher with mediocre potential at the plate, can easily win a spot on the MLB roster because Girardi (a former catcher) appreciates the art of catching and Romine is a protoypical catcher-first, hitter-second player.  Thus, he has a better short term outlook than a guy like Gary Sanchez, who is a terrible fielder and way too young to make the roster.

Banuelos -- STRONG BUY
Betances -- BUY
Romine -- BUY

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